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Xbox One's exterior casing consists of a two-tone "liquid black" finish; with half finished in a matte grey, and the other in a glossier black. The design was intended to evoke a more entertainment-oriented and simplified look than previous iterations of the console; among other changes.

It is powered by an AMD "Jaguar" Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) with two quad-core modules totaling eight x86-64 cores clocked at 1.75 GHz, and 8 GB of DDR3 RAM with a memory bandwidth of 68.3 GB/s. The memory subsystem also features an additional 32 MB of "embedded static" RAM, or ESRAM, with a memory bandwidth of 109 GB/s.
I got this for my twin sons so they could stop fighting each other and learn how to compete in peaceful, positive ways. The problem of violence has gone away, but now there’s another one. They spend all day long playing games. I can only hope they’ll get tired of it someday.
+ Nice graphics and optimization
- Controllers in general aren't the most suitable for shooters
I have a PC already, got this to play some Xbox exclusives that didn’t come out yet on PC. I’m very satisfied with the optimization and graphics, less so with controls. Seriously, after a keyboard and mouse, how can a controller compare to them? Despite that, I really like to play low to mid active games, it’s very relaxing. But for real action gaming, you definitely need a PC.
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Thank you for sharing your experience! X-Box One does support keyboard and mouse. Of course, the drawback is that you can't play from the couch with them :(
+ Nice controller
- Takes some time to get used to
Never had a game console before (not talking about old handheld ones, another story), this is a totally new experience for me. I was mesmerized by the abundance of various games of all types of genres, some of them look more like interactive movies than something made from polygons and textures. Some games require you to stand up and move your body, something I was not expecting and was very excited about. The Xbox controller is very nice, grippy, with adjustable rumbling levels. Controls are something to get used to though.

Overall, I think I will recommend this console to my friends who still don’t have one or who have another one from Sony. Very joyful pastime.

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